Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. Will my photos be kept private?

A. Yes. All of the photos that you see on my website have been used with permission from my clients or from professional models. Your photos are delivered through a password protected gallery that only you (and whoever you grant access to) can access. I will never share your images without your permission. 

Q. Can I bring my significant other with me?

A. While I recognize that often times boudoir sessions are done as a gift for a significant other, I want your session to be about you. For this reason, I ask that you do not bring your significant other, but you are welcome to bring a friend if you are nervous or have safety concerns. 

Q. Do you photograph couple boudoir sessions?

A. I do not, but I know other local photographers who do that I am happy to recommend. If you are looking to book a couple boudoir session, please feel free to reach out to me for referrals.

Q. Do I have to get naked for my session?

A. No, your boudoir session is tailored to your comfort. I recommend wearing whatever you feel confident and comfortable in for your session. 

Q. Do you photograph full nudity?

A. While I do photograph partial and implied nudity, I don't photograph frontal nudity below the waist. 

Q. Can I do boudoir while I'm pregnant?

A. Absolutely! I offer maternity boudoir sessions and we can even do a studio milk bath session. 

Q. Can I do boudoir if I'm not skinny?

A. Boudoir is for every BODY, no matter what shape or size. 

Q. Are you trans friendly?

A. Absolutely. I love working with trans women and nonbinary people. Your are in a safe space with my business and I will always respect your name and pronouns. 

Q. What are your pronouns?

A. My pronouns are she/her. Thanks for asking!

Q. Do I have to buy prints, or can I just do the digitals?

A. Your session comes with the high resolution digital images from your session along with a print release. While I do offer photo books and print products, you may print your own photos whenever you would like. 

Q. Do I need to bring my own lingerie?

A. Because all of my clients have different styles and sizes, lingerie is not provided for your session. If you don't have lingerie that you would like to wear, we can do photos with sheets, blankets, and even towels. (examples on my website.)
I do have a long elegant red ruffle tulle robe that you are welcome to use for your session at no additional cost, but I ask that you bring at the very least a pair of panties to wear with it. I also have a tiara and pearl necklaces that you are welcome to use.

Q. Do you offer mini sessions?

A. About once a year, I offer mini sessions with a unique theme or twist. Join my Facebook group "Saratoga Boudoir" to stay in the loop!

Q. How do I book you?

A. To start the booking process, please reach out to me at I'm happy to give you a call and go over any questions or concerns that you have for your session. Once you are ready to book, I will send over a contract that you can sign electronically and require a $100 nonrefundable retainer to book your session. (This goes toward the overall $350 session fee and is not an extra charge.) This protects my time and allows me to book and pay for the studio that I use for our session. 

Q. Where are you located?

A. I live in Saratoga Springs and do boudoir sessions all over Utah and Salt Lake County. I have several studios that I like to use for boudoir sessions and book them based on the vision you have for your session as well as where you are located. 

Q. Is hair and makeup included in my session?

Hair and makeup is not included in the cost of your session, but I have listed several hair and makeup artists below who I feel provide excellent customer service and do quality work. 

Lasting Looks
Brianna B Beauty
Heather Dear Artistry

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