I'm the photographer behind the camera and have a passion for human relationships. I believe that the connection between two people who have overcome the world together is so unique that it's unlike anything else.

I also focus on the individual who has fought powerful internal battles and deserves to know how beautiful they are. My goal is to make sure that you have so much fun during our photoshoot that you can look back on your pictures and remember it as one of the coolest experiences that you have ever had. 

With years of experience, professional training, a photography degree, and dozens of weddings under my belt, this photographer is ready to capture your big day and everything that it encompasses. I've shot in dark churches and backyards with harsh lighting, evenly lit wedding venues, small wedding ceremonies and elopements, and large groups of extended families. There isn't much that phases me, so if you can withstand my weirdness, I can put up with your crazy in-laws (that's mostly a joke...but also true). 

Feel like we would be a great fit? 

A rare capture of the wild Ashley in her natural habitat

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Contact Ashley Dugan:
(949) 395-2404

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